February Fly of the Month: Streamers

FLY OF THE MONTH - by Rory Lisefski

Greetings all, recently our dear friend Sig has decided to step down from handling the fly of the month. While I certainly can never replace him I’ve volunteered to at least try and pick up the reins.

For those who aren’t aware of the fly of the month, Sig would post a pattern, we would tie a few pairs, and bring them to the meeting. Half would be raffled and half would go to our classes and such. Rather than choose a specific pattern, we as a board have decided it may be more fun for everyone to tie a style of fly. I’ll suggest the ‘genre’ of fly and you guys choose which you want to tie.

So, to begin, despite the recent weather it is most certainly winter. This time of year I like a nice meal, something that sticks to the ribs. Chili, stew, etc. I feel trout are the same way. So let’s give them a good meal. Choose your favorite streamer pattern and tie some up.

Look forward to seeing some cool bugs!

Pat Crisci