Red Quill tied by Matt Grobert

Red Quill


This classic Catskill pattern was originated by Art Flick in 1933 in is the most popular pattern of the various immitations that have been developed.  It represents the male Hendrickson which we usually see about the fifteenth of April, and they often appear about 2:30 in the afternoon.  With the cold weather this year they might be later; we'll have to wait and see.


  • Hook:              size 12 or 14 standard dry fly hook
  • Thread:           olive 6/0 
  • Tail:                 medium or dark dun hackle fibers                         
  • Body:              quills from a red brown hackle
  • Wing:              lemon flank feather from a wood duck or mallard dyed lemon
  • Hackle:           medium or dark dun   
  • Head:             same as body but tied using a dubbing loop


A video from Tightline productions demonstrates how to tie this pattern: