EZ Cased Caddis

  • Hook:                  traditional 2X long nymph hook in sizes 8 to 14
  • Thread:              rusty brown
  • Ribbing:             copper wire
  • Body Hackle:     light ginger or brown palmered
  • Abdomen:          center fibers from a turkey tail feather
  • Thorax:              chartreuse or insect green dubbing
  • Head:                 black dubbing
  • Legs:                  mottled hen feather or similar tied beard style


With the arrival of the trout season most of a trout's feeding will involve nymphs, and many of those will be caddis.  This "peeping" caddis pattern has proven to be a good bet.

It is a simplified version of a LaFontaine pattern tied by Ken Tutalo of the Baxter House.  The abdomen consists of up to a dozen turkey tail fibers, depending on hook size, twisted into a rope.  The body hackle is tied palmer style.  This is a good opportunity to use those large hackles around the bottom of a neck since they are going to be trimmed down to about an eighth of an inch or so.  This trimming is done after the hackle has been tied on.  Counter wrap the wire to make the hackle more bullet proof.