tied by Tim Flagler - courtesy of MidCurrent

Little Black Stone Nymph


  • Hook:                 curved nymph 3X long such as the Daiichi 285 or Orvis 1510

  • Thread:              8/0 black 
  • Legs:                  mini or small round black rubber legging material 
  • Abdomen:         micro or small black stretch tubing from Wapsi, or similar ribbing material 
  • Wingcase:         pheasant tail fibers
  • Thorax:              dark natural hare's ear dubbing


While you can encounter midges throughout the winter months, in late February into April the Little Black and Little Brown Stone flies are normally the first major hatches in our area.  This particular pattern is easy to tie and should serve you well.  It can be tied from size 14 down to size 20 but size 16 looks to be the size that we most frequently see.  For a video showing how to tie this fly go to: