J-Bug tied by Eric Stroup

Stroup's J-Bug

As summer slips away and the number of May Fly species on the water dwindle the Blue Winged Olive takes on increasing importance.  Not that it isn't important most of the year but at this time there are fewer of the other species on the water,  so having good BWO patterns in your fly box is essential.  This fly is basically a type of pheasant tail nymph but with some differences.  It was developed by guide, author, and tier Eric Stroup.


  • Hook:                Eric uses a competition hook a Dohiku 302 in sizes 12 to 20 but a standard wet fly hook will do, and in the late season the smaller          sizes match the hatch
  • Thread:            olive
  • Tail:                  pheasant tail fibers
  • Rib:                   small copper wire
  • Body:                a spikey fur dubbing in olive such a blend that includes hair's ear
  • Shellback:         pheasant tail fibers
  • Wing Case:        pheasant tail fibers
  • Legs:                 mottled brown hen


To see a demonstration of Eric tying this fly go to: