BWO Soft Hackle for Picky Fish tied by Johnny Utah

BWO Soft Hackle for Picky Fish

This fly pattern is tied by Johnny Utah who fishes in Pennsylvania along wiith the the streams in our region.  He fishes it quartering down stream and claims that it does wonders on pressured trout.  It is an easy fly to tie. 

  • Hook:                    standard wet fly hook such as Diichi 1550 - sizes 16 to 18
  • Thread:                 Uni light olive
  • Tail:                       pheasant tail fibers (half the body length)
  • Body:                     the tying thread
  • Rib:                        extra small copper wire
  • thorax:                  pheasant tail fibers 
  • hackle:                  gray partridge   

To see a video fo this fly being tied go to the link below.  When you first access the link you will see a step by step series of still pictures.  Scroll down the page to access the video.