The Six Stages of Fly Fishing - Paul Dinice

February Meeting Program": Paul Dinice presents “The Six Stages of Fly Fishing – A Life’s Experience” February 18 at 7:30. Join us!

This is a very different program. Instead of a program on catching more fish, or a fly fishing destination, the primary focus is on the fly fisherman.

What is it that drives us to be so passionate about the ‘Quiet Sport’? “Who are we?”

This program examines the various ‘stages’ in a fly fishers life, including the initial ‘discovery’ of the sport, the need to learn and educate ourselves more about it, it’s addictive powers, the friendships it has helped us form, the spirituality it has given us, and how it has provided us with a better understanding about where we fit in the world and universe.

Paul Dinice resides in Derby, CT. , a stones throw from the Housatonic and Naugatuck Rivers. He is a member of virtually every fly fishing club and organization in CT., and is very much involved in numerous organizations such as Trout Unlimited, Connecticut Audubon Society, and the Coastal Conservation Association. He has contributed numerous articles to newspapers, club newsletters, and periodicals. For 35 years Paul has authored the “Fly of the Month” section of the HFFA news letter and website. He is also a member of the Derby Inland Wetlands Commission and has been employed by the Town of Orange as the Zoning Administrator for the past 39 years.

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