Tied by Loren Williams, Photo by Hans Weilenmann

Isonychia Breakout Emerger

  • Hook:                 emerger hook, sizes 12 or 14       
  • Thread:              brown, 6X 
  • Tail:                    3 peacock swords
  • Abdomen:         black/brown dubbing
  • Wing:                 short clump of beaver fur (or similar fur)
  • Wing Case:       reddish brown synthetic dubbing with long fibers twisted to form a rope and tied in to form a wing case
  • Thorax:             same as abdomen picked out on both sides
  • Legs:                 brown Hungarian partridge or mottled hen 


This pattern imitates the stage of th isonychia when it is breaking out of its shuck and the dun is just beginning to show.  It is just beyond a floating nymph.  Loren fishes it upstream in the film and doesn't use fly floatant on it but instead he puts floatant on the first few inches of his tippet.