October Caddis S.H. - courtesy of Tight Line Productions and tied by Tim Flagler

October Caddis Soft Hackle

This pattern is from tier Tim Flagler.  A few points to consider about this recipe...  The hook recommended is a tactical barbless ("European") wide gap hook which you may not have, so just substitute it with something similar.  Also, the recipe call for burnt orange chickaboo hen neck, something which most of us probably don't have, whereas we probably do have a brown hen neck or something like that.  If the neck has some of those lighter brown feathers that should work well; otherwise, just go with brown, in which case you might consider using a more orangey thread to suggest a more orange color.  If you decide to dub the body make thick as shown in the video.


  • Hook:           size 10 tactical barbless wet fly hook, or sustitute
  • Thread:        8/0 brown
  • Tail:              burnt orange chickabou feather tip, or a bunch of soft hackle fibers
  • Ribbing:       small copper wire
  • Body:           a twisted burnt orange chickboo feather, or dubbing substitute
  • Hackle:        burnt orange hen feather or substitute as noted above


To see a video of this fly being tied paste the link below into the address space of your browser: