Clouser Minnow tied by Tim Flagler

Clouser Minnow

This fly pattern is tied by Tim Flagler for Tightline Productions.  Designed by Bob Clouser it is easy to tie and probably the most popular salt water fly, but in smaller sizes it also an effective streamer for trout.

The placement of the weighted dumbell eyes on top of the hook causes this streamer to move through the water with hook point on top of the fly which helps to keep it from snagging on the bottom.  We will tie this one in olive and white but use whatever colors appeal to you, although the belly is usually white.

  • Hook:                    3X long streamer hook in just about any size for salt water or for trout a 4X hook may help avoid short hits
  • Thread:                 6X (3X if you tie a large saltwater version)
  • Eyes:                     dumbell eyes sized to match the hook (use either plain versions or fancy ones with painted eyes)
  • Back:                     olive bucktail  
  • Flash:                    gold krystal flash (or another flash substitute)
  • Belly:                     white bucktail

To see a video for this fly being tied go to the link below.