tied by Jon Ridderbos, photo by Hans Weilenmann

Zug Bug

This is an old standard pattern created in the 30's that remains popular today.  It is said to represent a cased caddis or perhaps a larva, and is also fished as a wet fly. 


  • Hook:              standard 2X nymph hook, size 14
  • Thread:           black
  • Tail:                peacock sword
  • Ribbing:          medium flat or oval silver tinsel
  • Body:              peacock herl
  • Collar:            mottled brown hen or similar feather
  • Wing Case:     mallard flank feather

Use four or five sword feather to make the tail and two good sized peacock fibers for the body.  Four turns or so of the tinsel is sufficient.  The collar can be either beard style as shown in the photo or can be wrapped around the hook hackle style. Wrapping it around the hook provides more of a wet fly appearance should you wish to fish it that way.  The wing case is the very bottom portion of the flank feather and is trimmed perpendicular to the quill of the feather to form a small triangle.  To see a video of this fly being tied go to the following link: