Twenty Incher Stone - fly and photo by Joe Rist

Twenty Incher Stone


  • Hook:                 nymph, Daiichi 1560 #10
  • Thread:              8/0 black or dark brown
  • Bead:                 tungsten or brass, 5/32 (sized to hook)
  • Weight:              lead free .015 in the thorax area and sunk into back of bead.
  • Tails:                  brown goose biot
  • Rib:                     tan vinyl V-rib, D-rib or similar, small to medium
  • Underbody:      any dark dubbing, to build a tapered body foundation
  • Abomen:           6 peacock herls
  • Wingcase:        dark brown turkey tail fibers, or substitute 
  • Legs:                 Hungarian partridge
  • Thorax:             natural hare's ear dubbing


This fly which has been a favorite of Joe's is one that is based upon a pattern that he picked up from an article by Charlie Craven in Fly Fisherman Magazine.  He has altered it a bit from Charlie's recipe.  Joe uses it as his lead fly when he fishes a tandem nymph rig on the West Branch of the Delaware or the Housatonic.