Hackle Stacker Hendrickson

The hackle stacker technique was developed by Bob Quigley back 1988 when he was having a hard time with picky fish in the slow clear water of a California stream.  He set out tie a fly that might resemble a cripple, float low in the water, and be easy to see.  This method can be used for any number of patterns but here's how to tie the Hendrickson version..

  • Hook:                    Dry fly, size 12
  • Thread:                 Tan or olive, 6/0 or 140 denier
  • Tail:                      Medium dun hackle fibers
  • Hackle:                 Hendrickson pink fine and dry dubbing
  • Thorax:                 Same as body
  • Head:                    Tying thread

To see a video for this fly being tied go to the link below.