July Fly of the Month

NOTE: At monthly chapter meetings we feature a "Fly of the Month" and everyone is encouraged to participate.  

Tie and bring to the meeting, two or more of the "Fly of the Month" and you will receive a raffle ticket for each fly.  Those who have not tied a fly for the raffle can purchase tickets for a dollar apiece.  The winning ticket gets half of all the flies.  The other flies are retained by the chapter.

For more info about The Fly of the Month contact Sig Holtz at acorn12@optonline.net

Cream Variant (2).JPG

Fly of the Month: Cream Variant

This month's fly is the Cream Variant

Summer is a time for sulphurs, light cahills, and Potamanthus, and the Cream Variant is a near-enough imitation of these pale colored mayflies.  This is a simple fly to tie. A searching pattern, it is one that is discussed in Art Flick's Streamside Guide.  As you will see in Tim Flagler's video below, it's designed so that it can be skittered across a likely trout lie.

  • Hook : Dry fly size 14. Tim recommends a DiaRiki 305 which is a shorter shank hook                 (use a regular dry fly hook if you don't have hook of that design).
  • Thread : Cream
  • Tail :   Light coq de leon hackle fibers, or substitute cream or white hackle fibers
  • Body :  White or cream colored quill.
  • Hackle: White or cream hackle

Check out the video here: