December Fly of the Month: Bread-n-Butter Nymph

NOTE: At monthly chapter meetings we feature a "Fly of the Month" and everyone is encouraged to participate.  

Tie and bring to the meeting two or more of the "Fly of the Month" and you will receive a raffle ticket for each fly.  Those who have not tied a fly for the raffle can purchase tickets for a dollar apiece.  The winning ticket gets half of all the flies.  The other flies are retained by the chapter.

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December Fly of the Month: Bread-n-Butter Nymph

December Fly of the Month: Bread-n-Butter Nymph

This month's fly comes from Domenick Swentosky's blog "Troutbitten".  

Over time he has used the Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear, Whitlock's Red Fox Squirrel, and the Hair and Copper which are all quite similar.  He wanted to reduce the number of fly patterns he carried and replace them with a single one. Out of this effort came the Bread-n-Butter nymph. It’s produced well for him, and the jig hook cuts down on the number of snags, he says.  

Domenick discusses this fly in his blog which also includes a video of how he ties it:

Bread-n-Butter Nymph (Don't hesitate to substitute materials if you need to.)

Hook:               Jig style #10-16.

Bead:               Slotted Gold Tungsten

Thread:           Brown 8/0 Uni-Thread

Lead Wraps:   Wire sized to match hook shank diameter

Tail:                 Coq de Leon, or mix brown and grizzly hackle fibers

Rib:                 Fine gold wire

Abdomen:     Hareline Dubbing Hare's Ear

Thorax:          Arizona Synthetic Peacock (Bronze). Check photo color if you substitute.

Collar:            Rusty Brown dubbing


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