March Fly of the Month

This month's fly is the Hendrickson Last Chance Cripple

At our February meeting guest speaker, Rich Hudgens, gave us a very nice rundown of the fly hatches on the Upper Delaware and the Beaverkill.  One fly pattern that he touted is this version of the Hendrickson, particularly when there is a heavy hatch.

Origially designed by Rene Harrop, the picture and the recipe shown here is Tim Flagler's version.  Should you be missing a specific material don't hesitate to substitute another as long as it has a similar color and characteristics.  Change the colors and you could use this pattern to represent cripples for other may flies.

Hook:           dry fly size 14
Thread:         olive
Tail:               wood duck or mallard flank fibers
Shuck:          brown antron or zelon
Body:            Hendrickson pink turkey biot is specified, but fine and dry dubbing should work
Thorax:         Hendrickson pink dubbing
Wing:            dun CDC
Hackle:          medium dun

A video of Tim tying this fly produced by Tightline productions and available on Midcurrent is available at 

At most general meetings we feature a "fly of the month" and everyone is encouraged to participate.  By going to the page entitled "Flies and Fly Tying" you will find a recipe for the fly including any special tying instructions.  Bring in at least two and you will receive a raffle ticket for each fly.  Those who have not tied a fly for the raffle can purchase tickets for a dollar a piece.  The winning ticket gets half of all the flies submitted while the other half is retained by the chapter.

The March Fly of the Month is the Hendrickson Last Chance Cripple.

The March Fly of the Month is the Hendrickson Last Chance Cripple.

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