February Fly of the month

Hammer Creek Caddis Pupa (1).JPG

Hammer Creek Caddis Pupa

NOTE: At most general meetings we feature a "fly of the month" and everyone is encouraged to participate.  

Tie and bring to the meeting two or more of the "fly of the month" and you will receive a raffle ticket for each fly.  Those who have not tied a fly for the raffle can purchase tickets for a dollar apiece.  The winning ticket gets half of all the flies submitted while the other half is retained by the chapter.

The fly of the month for February is a buggy looking caddis pupa from the folks at Hammer Creek. You will need the following materials:

  • Hook: size 10 to 16 scud style
  • 025 wire for weight
  • Thread: olive brown or olive
  • Back: mallard flank feather
  • Ribbing: fine chartreuse wire
  • Dubbing: olive ice dub
  • Legs: any dark mottled soft hackle
  • Head: gray ostrich herl


A video showing how this fly is tied is available at:


Fly of the MonthPat Crisci