Fly Tying Stuff Needed

The MHTU is in need of restocking the supplies for its fly tying school.  Before we end up spending money we thought we’d first solicit donations from members. So, please look through your collections of fly tying supplies and see if you have any of the following items that you’d be willing to give to the chapter to be used in future fly tying classes.

  • - Bobbins
  • - Hackle Pliers
  • - Scissors
  • - 8/0 and 6/0 tying thread in black, pale yellow/cream, brown, gray
  • - Whip Finishers
  • - Dry Fly Hackle, necks and saddles – grizzly, brown, dun, ginger/cream
  • - Hooks – dry fly and nymph #12 and #14, streamer #10
  • - Bodkins
  • - Bobbin Threaders
  • - Head Cement
  • - Tinsel – oval and flat, gold and silver
  • -  Buck Tails – black, yellow, red

Your donations will be appreciated and will enable to Chapter to reserve more money for conservation efforts while ensuring that an adequate stock of materials for future fly tyers is on hand. There will be a collection box at the membership meetings where you will be able to drop off your donations.

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