2016 Stewardship Dinner Auction & Raffle Prize list


Verbal Auction Items

  • Orvis Safe Travel Vented Rolling Duffel Bag, donated by Orvis Sandanona, stocked with a bucket of beer donated by John Ahern.

  • Overnight Stay at Tailwater Lodge for 2 people, donated by Tailwater Lodge,

  • Frank Degrazio ½ day guide trip for 2 people, Croton Reservoir, Housatonic River or Salt Water Trip. Donated by Frank Degrazio of Anglers Den

  • Orvis Round of Sporting Clays for 4 people donated by Orvis Sandanona, Must provide or purchase own shells

  • Tamarack Day of Fishing and Lunch for 4 people, donated by Tamarack Preserve

  • Dozen - Dozen Flies tied by Mid-Hudson TU Board Members, donated by MHTU

  • ½ Day Guide Trip with Tom Zarecki on the Housatonic River, Croton Watershed or Ten Mile River, donated by Angler’s Den

  • Round of Sporting Clays and Lunch for 2 people at Pawling Mountain Club, donated by Pawling Mountain Club. Must provide or purchase own shells, steel shot only.

  • Art Work – donated by Clark Angevine
    “Played Out” by Brett Smith
    “Great Catch” by Brett Smith


Silent Auction Items

  • Books – “Wild Steelhead” by Sean M. Gallagher, Volumes 1 and 2, donated by Kevin Miller

  • 2 each - 1 Day Passes to Douglaston Salmon Run, good 11/01/16 thru 09/09/17, donated by DSR

  • Wood cheese board w/ cheese, red & white wine bottles with 4 each wine glasses and wine glass holder, donated by Kevin & Kim Miller, Steve Dolce, Including Food Basket donated by Adams Fair Acre Farms.                  

  • L.L. Bean Fly Rod & Reel with Fly Line, 8’-6”, 6 wt., donated by L.L. Bean, (no)

  • Orvis Guide Sling Pack donated by Orvis Sandanona

  • Orvis Safe Passage Kit Bag donated by Orvis Sandanona

  • Orvis River Guard Wading Boots, rubber sole with cleats, size 11, donated by Orvis Sandanona plus Orvis 51” Sure Step Wading Staff

  • Orvis Stocking Foot Wading Pants, size medium, donated by Orvis Sandanona

  • Orvis Hydros SL III Series Reel w/ case, black nickel,  5-7 wt. line, purchased by MHTU

  • Basket of Vintage Cheer, donated by Bob Meyen

  • White River Lost Lake Float Tube w/ pump and repair kit donated by Steve Little

  • Books – “The Salmon Fly” by Geo M. Kelson
    “How to Dress Salmon Flies” by T.E. Pryce-Tannett
    “Hair-Wing Atlantic Salmon Flies” by K. Fulsher & C. Krom
    “The Art of the Atlantic Salmon Fly” by J.D. Bates Jr.
    All donated by the Hooper Estate

  • Yoga Lessons, 2 week new student, unlimited trial yoga @ Fire Fly Yoga, donated by Fire Fly Yoga

  • Orvis Silver Label 7’-6”, 3 wt., 2 piece rod & case donated by Kevin & Kim Miller

  • Mystic Inception 9’-0”, 5 wt., 4 piece rod & case donated by Angler’s Den

  • Art Work – donated by Clark Angevine
    “The Fly Caster” by Brett Smith

“An Autumn Cast” by Brett Smith

Grandfather with grandson

Canoe Trip Fishing

English Salmon Bait Flies

Fishing Flies Commemorative Stamps, designed by Chuck Ripper

  • Jewelry designed by Kathy Waldron, donated by Kathy Waldron, (no)

  • Fly of the Month Flies, 3 boxes


Bucket Raffle

  • Fishpond 4 reel – reel case donated by Steve Dolce

  • DVD – “Perfect Cast with Gary Borger”, donated by Kevin Miller

  • Book – “The Beaverkill” by Ed Van Put, signed, (2 copies), donated by Ed Van Put

  • Book – “Strip-Set” by George Daniels, signed, donated by George Daniels

  • Orvis Super Strong Tippet set, 3x thru 6x, purchased by MHTU

  • Orvis Flyline, Hydros-HD, “Trout”, WF-5-F, purchased by MHTU

  • Orvis Flyline, Hydros “Trout”, WF-5-F, donated by MHTU

  • Orvis Safe Passage Trout Waist Pack, donated by Orvis Sandanona

  • Orvis Convertible Sole Wading Shoe, size 9, donated by Orvis Sandanona

  • Shop-Vac Vacuum Cleaner donated by Reardon Briggs

  • J. Stockard $25.00 Gift Certificate for fly tying materials, donated by J. Stockard plus Rotary Fly Dryer donated by the Hooper Estate

  • Catskill Flies $50.00 Gift Certificate, expires 06/01/17, donated by Catskill Flies

  • Friendly Honda Car Detailing, $110 - $145 value, (2 each), donated by Friendly Honda

  • Book – “Steelhead Fly Fishing on the Olympic Peninsula” by Doug Rose, donated by?

  • Orvis Mirage Fluorocarbin Tippet, 3X, purchased by MHTU

  • Cabela’s Soft Case 6 Tray Tackle Box, donated by Ron Stuckey

  • Mobil $25 Gas Cards, 4 each, total of $100, donated by Richard Mathews

  • Round Fly Cases w/ Flies, total of 6 each, donated by Anglers Den

  • Streamer Flies, 4 each, donated by Rod Rohrbach


Card Game:

  • Orvis Clearwater 11’-0”, 8 wt. Switch Rod purchased by MHTU.