September Fly of the Month


NOTE: At monthly chapter meetings we feature a "Fly of the Month" and everyone is encouraged to participate.  

Tie and bring to the meeting, two or more of the "Fly of the Month" and you will receive a raffle ticket for each fly.  Those who have not tied a fly for the raffle can purchase tickets for a dollar apiece.  The winning ticket gets half of all the flies.  The other flies are retained by the chapter.

For more info about The Fly of the Month contact Sig Holtz at

Barr's Blue Winged Olive Emerger

We are coming to that time of the year where the variety of hatches diminish and the tiny BWO becomes the dominant mayfly.  This recipe is Tim Flagler's version John Barr's pattern.  The recipe below shows gray hackle as a substitute for wood duck.  Gray hackle was John Barr's original material whereas Tim prefers the wood duck.  I think that wood duck is more elegant so if you don't have any, well that's OK.  The link at the bottom is Tim's video on how he ties this fly.  Tie some up!

Hook:           size 20 or 22 scud or caddis
Thead:          brown or brown olive in 16/0 (or the                                    smallest size you have available)
Tail:              brown hackle barbs
Body:           olive beaver dubbing or similar
Wing case:    flashabou strip over wood duck (gray                                   hackle may be substituted)
Thorax:        natural beaver (gray) or similar
Legs:            wood duck or, gray hackle if you substituted                       it for the wing case

Check out the video: